Posted by Clarissa Le Peltier on 11th Jan 2021


Hey you lovely lot!

We're coming at you again with another blog post all about motivation. This one is for the positive bunnies who feel as though their productive and positive energy is constantly being zapped out of them by the glass half empty people surrounding them.

I completely get it, Sometimes you feel like the world is stomping on your vibe and making you feel insecure about what you are doing which you feel is best for you, and that isn’t what they would want for them.

I have dealt with this in particular in a workplace environment. I’m the type of person with an extremely positive outlook. Sometimes it’s just OTT, but that’s me and I’m not going to hide it. People in the past haven’t liked the fact that I would come into work in the morning with a fresh perspective and a willingness to pursue personal hobbies outside of work. They resented my positivity. Did I let it stop me? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Here's my approach on how to tackle these types of situations:

Acknowledge the different perspective:

You know that I always start with this one, don’t you! But trust me, it helps shape your mindset from the get-go. It might seem odd to you that perhaps you are super excited about something and others just aren’t. You question why they don’t have the same enthusiasm as you, and it makes you think that you shouldn’t be so enthusiastic. But you have to remember that your values are unique to you. They will be different from the values of others. Therefore, others may not share the same enthusiasm as you towards something if they value it differently from you- and that’s okay!

Now if someone is rude to you, It's important to remember that that’s on them, not you. It's just the way that they choose to express their opinion, based on their perception. This doesn't me that you need to be rude back. You are better than that and you should continue to choose to use your energy to focus on better outcomes in your life for you!

Manifest your goals:

Remember small steps climb mountains. If you know exactly what you want for yourself, and you know that you are taking steps to get there, you should absolutely remind yourself to manifest your goals regardless of other opinions. If you continue to focus on yourself and your goals, this will help separate your life and your goals from the negative situation.

Remember that a negative mindset will only create barriers, whereas a positive mindset will enhance your confidence and create many many opportunities, and just because someone has a different take on a situation, that shouldn't impact your mindset.

YOU are the only person that dictates the outcomes in YOUR life, which will impact your future. Your future is far more important than some trivial comments and remembering this makes it a lot easier to come into contact with the negativity.

So my advice here is to make a note of your goals and how you are going to go about absolutely slaying them. Read over your goals constantly. Live for them. Do something small for them every day. Remember they are far more important and influence your happiness far more than any negative comment will.

Be proud of your positivity; don’t hide it

BEING POSITIVE IS COOL GUYS. Don’t let anyone change your mind on this. YOU are cool because you can maintain a positive mindset in the face of negativity and that is great for you.

Your vibe also attracts your tribe. The better your outlook, the more people you will begin to associate with a similar mindset, which will be so refreshing and you will make life long friends! I’ve certainly experienced this with G.

It’s not all doom and gloom people! Don’t hide your positivity, the world needs to see it! And I guarantee you, even the super moody people secretly admire you for it!

Try and help others be more happy:

Sometimes even despite your positivity, the negativity of others JUST won't STOP. Especially in the workplace, people seem to moan about everything and anything. This is irritating, I get it, I witness it first hand constantly, and team, it’s not productive. But why not call people out on it? This may sound intimidating, but you don’t have to be hostile about it. Just stop agreeing with people or saying worse, saying nothing. Help people change their perspective.

For example, I love Monday. It’s the start of a new week with new opportunities- what’s not exciting about that? But EVERYONE seems to come into the Office sighing and huffing because the weekend was ‘too short’. In this type of situation, I try and keep morale high. I take on that role because I know that I have the capabilities of being the positive one. I ask my colleagues to think positively and perhaps they may have better outcomes that will impact their mood.

It's important not to become deflated if this changes absolutely nothing for them in the present. That’s okay. You tried. But honestly, I promise it will keep the positivity in the forefront of your mind, and at the end of the day, who do we care about? YOU.

Now i’m not saying that you have to be SUPER CRAZY POSITIVE 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. We all have our bad days. But my aim here is to inspire you to remain positive even if others can't. Because YOUR life will be so much happier as a result, and YOU will reap the rewards.

There we have it- Radiate positivity if and when you damn, please. Your world will thank you for it in the end.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ❤ If you found this post interesting please let me know!! And please contact us with any blog post ideas!!

Lots of love,

Clarissa xxx