About us

Frequency Fitness was founded by Sarah Quigg (daughter) and Jayne Quigg (mother). We are a not for profit fitness apparel and accessories brand that has set the example for creating positive social change and cultivating personal wellbeing.

Frequency fitness was created over Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. We aimed to provide activewear that would fill each individual with a sense of confidence and empowerment. However, there has been a huge increase of mental health and suicide rates across the UK, so we took a step further.

We want to stress the importance physical health has on your mental wellbeing. We are here to make sure, no matter what gets you down through the day, that we are here to help you can pick yourself back up again. That’s why we aren’t your typical fitness brand. We want to create a community, a Frequency Family. From here we decided to run as a Not for Profit business, sharing 100% of our profits equally between 5 mental health charities across the UK.




S.P.O.R.T.S – Suicide Prevention Offering Recovery Through Sports - Northern Ireland.

'The vision of S.P.O.R.T.S is to create an environment where local sports clubs work collaboratively with each other and with local bodies in the mental health sector to support their members and the wider community in implementing mental health and wellbeing best practices and providing access to sport as a method of recovery from those suffering from mental health problems.'


YAMS- You Are My Sunshine – Scotland.

'We implement effective psychotherapy methods to instil self-understanding among our guests and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. Since opening our doors in 2018, we have provided people across Scotland a wide range of mental health services. From small scale circumstances, to traumatic experiences - our services are personalised to suit everyone’s needs.'


SPORT IN MIND - England.

Sport in Mind is an independent multi award-winning mental health formed in 2010 with a simple mission:"To improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems through sport and physical activity."

'We are the UK’s leading mental health sports charity and deliver physical activity projects in partnership with the amazing NHS in order to aid recovery, promote mental wellbeing, improve physical health, combat social isolation and empower people to move their lives forward in a positive direction.'



'An unstoppable community of people in Wales who won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve. Together with our 20 local Minds in wales were committed to improving mental health in this country. Together we are Mind in Wales. We provide a range of mental health services to help you live the life you want, as fully as possible.'


SAMARITANS - National. 

'Every 7 seconds we respond to a call for help. No judgement. No pressure. We’re here for anyone who needs someone. We are working together to make sure fewer people die by suicide. Whatever you are going through a Samaritan with face it with you. We are here 24 hours a day 365 days of the year on our free phone number 116 123. In addition to the services we provide, an important part of our work is understanding and challenging the social elements that impact suicide.'